P H O T O 30 Shot Challenge

This project was, on the face of it, simply a challenge to take 30 photos of the subjects noted on the sheet. In practise however what seemed to be a relatively straightforward concept, which would be so easy if you went archive diving but of course, became a really tough challenge because you had to produce new Photographs. Well that’s how we interpreted it . Even with the first few the challenge had us scratching our heads over what we could do. Even to just consider how can you photograph something you miss, for instance, if you haven’t got it any more got the grey cells working which of course was what it was all about.

It was certainly thought provoking process that’s for sure and as we did one a day or as close to it as possible (Mrs B had added in the tighter condition of it being a 30 day challenge, not noted on the sheet I protested but alas..) that became even more of a challenge especially as we were in work most days and the opportunities for certain subjects were limited. For instance Sunrise; The classic sunrise shot was simply not there on the morning the challenge was set.

We found that a full and new challenge such as this which really threw down the gauntlet each day and got you to experiment with tools, concepts, and methods in your photography that you may not have before.. It certainly got the ideas going, as you often looked for a more cryptic way in with to interpret the subject presented, even if it was just to avoid getting up very early in the morning!

As we went on through the challenge we published them on Instagram and Twitter but thought we would publish them all in full here for your perusal. In this way too it emphasises that both us interpreted the challenges in different ways.. Hope you like them

Shot No 1 – Self Portrait
Shot No 2 – This makes you smile
Shot No 3 – What you wore today
Shot No 4 – Something that you miss
Shot No 5 – Something orange
Shot No 6 – Flowers
Shot No 7 – Yourself with 10 things
Shot No 8 – Black and white
Shot No 9 – Something old
Shot No 10 – Something new
Shot No 11 – Macro
Shot No 12 – Skyline
Shot No 13 – Something touristy
Shot No 14 – Something cold
Shot No 15 – Something red
Shot No 16 – Love
Shot No 17 – Food
Shot No 18 – Architecture
Shot No 19 – Something blue
Shot No 20 – Long exposure
Shot No 21 – Home
Shot No 22 – Symmetry
Shot No 23 – Water
Shot No 24 – Bokeh
Shot No 25 – Sunrise
Shot No 26 – Shoes
Shot No 27 – Something pink
Shot No 28 – Shadows
Shot No 29 – Sleep
Shot No 30 – You can’t live without this