Fifty Twice Over

Top night out the other night with two very old friends of ours, Rob and Roger, who have the dubious pleasure of both being the grand age of 50.

Back to our old haunt of The Blue Anchor, Aintree and it was great to see not only these half centenarians but Geoff, Graham, Paul and Steph too! Always nice to have a catch up and put the world to rights. Great to see the pub full too; These dying establishments – all too easy taken for granted and it’s not until you realise that a lot of them are now Indian restaurants, catteries (yes really) etc that these historical hostelries are gone for ever.

Tradition had it that we would all always congregate at the ‘Bluey’ on a Christmas Eve, as it was central (well central ish), for everyone and the trip home was walkable (again ish) on a night, of course, when there was no transport. Saturday however we ditched the tradition and got a cab! Sad to say these days we spent more on the taxi than we did on the beer!!

Can’t wait till it’s my 50th!!