Orchid Growth – May 2017

It’s all happening! With a huge sign of relief ‘Sandra’ has a new leaf!

No-one was as relieved as me when, during one of my daily inspections of the ‘girls’, I saw a tiny leaf bud forming, I had been a bit worried about ‘Sandra’! She has always been the ‘weaker’ of the two orchids with only a couple of leaves. She was in desperate need of a few more in this growth cycle especially as the bigger of her leaves is definitely on its way out.

So, its great news that she appears to be growing a new healthy leaf!

…as for ‘Julie’, well she is really going for it and her new leaf has grown rapidly since my April post. I have noticed that the orchids are drying out quite rapidly in this fine and warm weather and I’m having to water them more. I’m also fertilising the orchids to give them an extra boost.

When I repotted the orchids earlier in the year I used a different kind of orchid compost which is bark based. Its very much drier than the moss type that the plants originally came in.

So, fingers crossed for the continued healthy development of ‘Julie’ and ‘Sandra’ and, you never know, I may be able to report more leaves in next months post!