Orchid Growth – March 2017

Apparently, orchids are now the most commonly bought houseplant in the UK.

I’ve never been a massive fan of houseplants but last year we succumbed to the charms of the orchid and bought two mini specimens, both in full bloom, from B&Q.

So why the sudden change of heart?

In 2014 Al and I visited Singapore during a visit to Asia. Whilst there we took a trip to the Singapore Botanical gardens, which amongst other attractions, has the largest display of tropical orchids in the world at over 1000 orchid species and 2000 hybrids.

For two people not overly interested in orchids or indeed plants we were totally blown away by the colour and diversity of these beautiful specimens.

Some months went by and when the opportunity of a mini orchid presented itself (the larger ones are a bit too big for our house!) we bought one (rapidly followed by another!). We named them Sandra (the white) Julie (the lilac) after some orchid loving friends.

We enjoyed their mini beauty for ages until nature took over, the blooms died and they entered their resting period. I read a lot about orchids and the first repot took place of their orchid compost (a tense experience!)

We took another trip for Asia and, inspired by the Thai way of displaying orchids, bought some carved coconut shells and suspended them in their window at home.

…fast forward to 2017 and there is evidence of new growth (at least in Julie!) – a tiny leaf is emerging and an aerial root is growing.

Its all very exciting and I will document their growth over the coming months!