Orchid Growth – July 2017

Things continue to happen in Orchid world!

I said in my June post that I was considering whether I needed to repot the orchids as a number of aerial roots had appeared. I wrote to Hannah who has an amazing orchid blog and asked for her advice. She came back straight away and said not to worry and that I could leave the orchids in their original pots for this growing period.

So…to the details!

Sandra continues to do well. Her new leaf continues to grow and another one has formed. This leaf has yet to open and is behaving quite differently to the other leaves she already has. I’m also finding this in Julie’s new leaf. I presume that some leaves don’t open until they are clear from the middle of the plant.

The ‘snake like’ creature which is an aerial root also continues on its own journey to who knows where.

It also seems to be developing its own side shoot which I hadn’t realised aerial roots did.

…and so to Julie! She has lost one of her big original leaves and is growing yet another leaf which, like with Sandra’s new leaf, is yet to open.

Julie’s aerial roots are really long now and the little node which I’d noticed last month did eventually end up being another aerial root.

One of the aerial roots is helpfully trying to bury itself which is good!

There’s no evidence yet of any flower spikes coming up and I am really hoping the orchids do spike this year as it would be great to have some flowers. My experience of orchid growth up to now is that patience is key!

Lets see what happens in August!! x