Orchid Growth – Festive December Edition!

It’s suddenly December and time to give you an update on the progress of the Orchids!

All of the plants are doing well and I am pleased to report that I have 3 flower spikes!

So, first to Big Ben…

His flower spike is now nearly 6 inches long and is being supported by some orchid clips which I bought very cheaply from eBay.

I have also moved the position of Big Ben to stand underneath the two hanging miniature orchids. It was getting unmanageable with two large orchids in the bathroom so the only one that remains in there is Ratana.

I have also made Big Ben a humidity tray as the house is quite dry at the moment now we have the central heating on most days. It’s not the best tray (ie it should be wider) but I can always return to this in the new year. I have also been misting the orchids a lot more to keep their hydration levels up.

Big Ben’s new leaf is doing really well…

So, onto Ratana – she also has a flower spike of about 5 inches which I have managed to clip quite recently.

This orchid is still lying over to one side in the pot and however much I try she just settles back into this position. Obviously a very chilled lady so I am leaving her to it for the time being. She has also been sending out some fairly meaty aerial roots of late.

Onto the miniatures!

Sandra, bless her, has gone to sleep I think! She hasn’t grown anymore and there is no evidence of any flower spikes. Even the aerial roots seem to have stopped growing. Maybe she will surprise us all in a few more months!

Julie is doing really well! She also has a flower spike which I have now managed to clip even though it was coming out horizontally! Julie’s flower spike seems the most developed of all the Orchids so it could be that she will be the first to bloom!

Julie is a purple orchid and I am sure I can see some of this colour in the close up pictures!

I have really enjoyed capturing the changes in the Orchids this year! As I have said previously I have never been a lover of house plants but Orchids are definitely my thing. I do think that you have to be quite a patient person to grow them but they are intriguing beasts!

I will update you in January 2018 on the progress on the Orchids unless one flowers in the meantime!!

Happy Christmas and a prosperous & healthy 2018!

Lisa xx