Orchid Growth – Buds galore in January 2018!

So, we are nearly at the end of January so that means it’s time to give y’all an update on growth in my orchids!!


…and it is pretty bloody exciting (for me anyway) given that I have loads of flower buds on most of the orchids.

First update is from the orchid I am calling ‘Big Ben’ – here is the history of this plant if you are interested. This guy is doing really well and is sprouting 5 flower buds.















He seems to be liking his new position on the window-sill under the two hanging miniature orchids. Given that this orchid has already flowered once this year I am amazed it has the energy to send up another flower spike. I am really hoping that the flowers will bloom again.

His new leaf has continued to grow well.

Now onto the other large Orchid, Ratana….

She has 5 buds at the moment but her spike is continuing to grow and is a lot longer than Big Ben’s. She has changed position and is now out of the bathroom and downstairs in the hall. I moved her btw, she hasn’t got legs (hopefully). Talking about legs though this orchid is still lying in a weird position in the pot and has sent out some more aerial roots. On the next re-pot I will have to re-postion her again.

Now onto the two miniature (and my original) orchids, Julie and Sandra.

Julie is doing brilliantly and has 4 quite large buds on a fairly short flower spike.

I think she will be the first to bloom.

Poor old Sandra is still hanging in there but there is no obvious recent growth in her as yet. Still she may surprise us all!

So that’s it for this month – hopefully by the end of February the plants will have bloomed and you can all marvel at the results through our 100mm lens!


Lis xx