Another Rescue Orchid – Un-Named!

It was a BIG mistake to return to Wilkinsons so soon after picking up our first ‘rescue’ orchid!

…but we found ourselves back in the shop with the tempting proposition of yet another orchid in distress, this time at the further cut-down price of 50p! We just couldn’t leave her there (this one, we have decided, is a lady!)

This orchid had a couple of beautiful pale lilac blooms which were just about to drop as the plant was very dried out and in a worse condition than our previous rescue orchid, Big Ben.

Once I had managed to get the orchid out of the original mix I had to soak the roots of the plant in water before continuing the re-pot. The roots were dry and a little bit wild coming out in all directions.  As I knew that the flowers were just about to die I cut off the flower spike to conserve some energy in the orchid. A couple of the leaves were very floppy and I was a bit worried I might lose them.

Having re-potted the orchid and managing to bury all the roots I am glad to report that the new rescue orchid seems to be thriving! The floppy leaves have perked up and the plant is very bright and shiny.

I have put this orchid in the bathroom along with Big Ben.  Needless to say in a small bathroom its beginning to resemble a bit of a jungle!

So, as to naming this orchid! I am considering asking my Twitter followers to come up with an appropriate name as I must admit nothing is coming immediately to mind. We will see what happens!