Coasteering – A Brilliant Sea Adventure

I must admit I wasn’t really feeling the love when Lisa suggested we do some ‘Cosateering’ as being completely risk averse it seemed like well.. rather risky to me.

Still I thought it would make a change from the (looking back now) rather tame cliff walks we often do on the Pembrokeshire Coast so we went along with an old pair of shorts and trainers in hand. The Celtic Quest guys soon sorted us out with the rest of the required kit, a wet suit, socks, gloves, cap and safety helmet along with a floatation aid which sits nicely around the chest. After an introduction of what was about to happen (scary!) and informative safety briefing we headed off into the sea for the fun!

Activities covered included: Swimming, cliff traversing (at sea level), belly flopping (planned and unplanned!), flipping, diving (with and without arms out front!) and cliff diving culminating in several dives into the blue Lagoon (an old flooded quarry used also for the RedBull diving). We also got introduced to some of the local inhabitants (3 huge crabs) and also to the ‘tumbler’ where you get tossed about in the waves as they run up an inlet.

Ed was on hand too with his camera and took lots of shots of the group during our exploits and we certainly recommend the nominal fee for your own personal copy of all the photos that are taken. Nice memories to have of, not only yourself but also, the others that had enjoyed and shared the adventure with you. There were six in our group and we all gave each other support not only in giving an arm to lean on when getting out of the drink but in terms of peer support through some of the more hairy dives! We all soon learnt that too that even though the seaweed was a slippery fish, the barnacles gave a sure foothold.

Cleo, James and Ed, the Celtic Quest Team, were thoroughly professional throughout the quest and were always mindful of your personal safety without detracting or dumbing down from the immense fun that was had. Encouraging and stretching participants whilst reassuring and giving confidence to others in a mixed group of abilities was a trick they are highly expert in, resulting in everyone having a great time. Many thanks to them for the photos below (edited by me but © Celtic Quest Coasteering Ltd )