Chester – Another Roman City

Hot on the heels of Rome we decided to pay a visit to our very own Roman outpost, that of the City of Chester.. After a few Roman coins to grease the palms of the Mersey tunnel lock keeper and a steep learning curve at the Park and Ride pay station we entered the city walls with the sun on our backs..

The Park and Ride (we went to the Upton one by the Zoo) works really well and the frequency of the buses, even on a Sunday, is excellent.

Hopefully you can see from the snaps the day was glorious. There is so much to do in Chester and on this particular day were limited with time and so we only did a few of the things listed below..

So whilst in Chester there are the

  • Walls to walk around
  • Dee river to relax by and watch the world go past
  • Park and let the squirrels coax you into giving them some nuts
  • Cathedral and grounds to explore
  • Old passageways to lost down and to discover quaint cafes and bars
  • Galleries shopping area (just in case it is raining you are kept nice and dry)

And of course all around the city there are clues from its Roman past (check out spud you like and you’ll see what I mean)

Just a little further a field there is Telford Warehouse near the Canal, well worth a visit too for an nice relaxing pint